Saturday, February 27, 2010

Swap Bliss

I pay tribute to the motivation that inspired me to use the computer for more than research, I have to admit the information retrieval from the computer beats the 'old card catalog' any ole' day, and this is...TA DA...SWAPPING!! Just feast your eyes for a spell.......

These first two photos are for
Missy's Children Fairy Swap

And this 'pretty in pink' fairy bag is sporting all of the items our sweet fairies found while floating hither and yon through our enchanted forest filling each little bag with treasures....

This next photo is from Bits of Goodness kitchen swap

I stitched with love nesting bowls and crumpets for precious children to enjoy....

And last but not least is the swap I entertained, or should I say that entertained me, with Beth...a one on one swap with the theme of Awakening...each piece handmade with love from nature's cupboard...I am thrilled she swapped with me...Add ImageAdd Image


  1. Maria, everything is so spectacular! It's true... I don't know how you could part with the big bag either :)

  2. Good morning Maria~

    I have had an eye feast on those gorgeous little fairy swap items...Its my first swap so I am soooo excited to receive it. That bag is such a treasure...I hope you make yourself one too.

    I look forward to following your life Maria. Like minded friends come together for a lovely universal reason..that makes me happy

    Have a wonderful peaceful day.
    Warm regards

  3. Yes, the children and I had a marvelous time sewing, giggling, and just being as we created for Missy's fairy swap...really the children did most of the work with a little guidance from mama...we too look forward with great anticipation to what will arrive on fairy wings soon...

  4. We got one of your lovely cookies and I can't wait for my girls to see all the wonderful goodies! They both have birthdays coming up that I am stashng the goodies for! Thanks!