Thursday, April 29, 2010

Easter Take Two

The Lord's gift to all of us, opening up the gates of heaven after the curse of damnation that befell Adam and Eve onto all mankind and trampling upon this death, must be proclaimed to the whole world. It is beyond all riches and fancies of this world, His gift, thank you Father!

These darling pieces of history represent such a beauty that transcends from the Easter holiday...
Bell ringing to alert all believers-these rings are heard in heaven and earth simultaneously with God's approval...the rings from bells of church holidays and liturgies of today and yesteryear, literally from this past Easter as well as from hundreds and hundreds of years ago, can still be heard by saints today and were heard by saints from the past. All sounds whether from beautiful sources such as church bells, Pavarotti, children laughing, birds chirping, soft Spring rain falling and the like or from not so attractive sources such as tractors, cars, construction, television and on and on and on never go away...EVER...this is why it is so very important to plow fields by horse and plow, ride a bike or walk, sweep leaves instead of using a leaf blower, read well written stories to children instead of turning on the television and on and on and on...not only oil rig spills off the coast of Mexico affect life negatively but unnecessary noises too!

Christ Is Risen! Christ Is Risen! Christ Is Risen! Truly He Is Risen! Truly He Is Risen! Truly He Is Risen!
Those family kept secret recipes for Pascha bread and naturally colored eggs...

And should there be any doubt as to who delivers those pretty colored eggs into children's baskets on Easter morn'...

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