Sunday, November 21, 2010

Russian Sheshok

These cute little fellows are always full of some such fun mischief...
...should your blankie be found on the floor upon waking in the morn', a sheshok had fun tugging on it while you dreamed sweetly, or,
...should you discover crumbs on your supper table that you are sure you carefully washed prior to bedding in for the night, yep-your sheshok help himself to a tasty midnight snack, or,
...where or where has my other sock gone o' where o' where can it be, surely I might add that it has been turned into a comfortable bed for the wee-little-one and good luck ever finding it!

These sweet fellows love children and kitty cats best and ONLY come out at night...
...should you be fortunate enough to have one take up abode in your home, he will be with you for life,, enjoy and remember that he if full of fun such mischief and does love goodies from time to time to fill his tummy!
Will you ever catch him or even just a glimpse...very few have ever been this fortunate although if you have a kitty, he can tell you all you want to know :)

How big are these you might ask? My creations pictured here are full-sized Sheshoks accompanied by a winter fairy overseeing the care of this lot of seasonal sheshok, wee pumpkins, and darling mice with acorns for munching in their little baskets.

Some dear individuals are receiving these creations I crafted including some hedgies not pictured but similar found on my flikr site and go here to see hedgies, I sincerely hope you all enjoy my gifts for Christmas cheer! Some of my best from me to you.


  1. MARIA~!

    Thank you~ I sure am a happy receiver of these incredible Sheshoks. I am so glad you brought these little men to my attention. I have read a little book about when things go missing and who helps find them. I have them displayed and the children have asked questions about them and are happy to have them staying with us.

    I sent your wee parcel too. Look out for it. I am so happy you are blogging again. I shall be popping by when you post.

    Love to you and your lovely children Maria.

  2. Oh, Suzanne, I am thrilled that you received the Christmas cheer and that it pleases you and your children! I will look for your parcel and let you know when it arrives! Merry Christmas to you and yours, maria