Monday, March 8, 2010

Thirst Quenching Adventure

Have you ever had a true thirst quencher? What is pure, fresh, without neuro-toxins such as flouride, chlorine, drugs and chemicals of various kinds?Have you ever tasted Rocky Mountain spring water?

Watch out...POW...we will getcha with turbo snowballs

And, oh, please excuse the snow fairies, those little bursts of light in these pictures, they do tend to follow us about our enchanted forest giving us kisses on our cold, pink cheeks in order to warm us...quite delightful!

Of course, one of my snow angels is helping papa to gather this precious liquid while being daintily surrounded by loving snow fairies that are all the while glittering and twinkling and kissing and singing a merry, frosty tune.


  1. Hi, What lovely little snow angels, it is late summer here in New Zealand "Happy days" cheers Marie

  2. What a joyful surprise to have you pop in...thank you and enjoy...warmly, maria