Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Tribute To Swapping

Oh, yes, I love swapping but my husband is a bit confused by all of the know men-they were created different than we women and thank God for this-and thus they really do not always get into girly things...anyway...

I recently joined a Children's Play Kitchen Swap and realized that it was high time for our children to have a play kitchen to go with the kitchen swap guessed it-time for hubby's intervention (tee hee)-so, yes, he agreed, after some soft batting of long, dark eyelashes and some sweet kisses, to build a play kitchen provided that the children helped him and decorated it...yippee...what a grand job they all did-just look...a during the process photo and a finished product photo...just as cute as a little bug's ear! ;)

And this photo is a tribute to the Easter basket swap from Bits of Goodness...just look what tumbled out of our pretty basket that the fairies made for expectant, precious children on Easter morn'...

And this photo is a tribute to the Spring Nature Table swap from Bits of Goodness...a tisket a tasket pretty, Spring baskets and sweet birdie nests too all made with love from me to you...

And this photo shows off some of my angels each gently holding the fairy goody bags and the large fairy pouch that we sent to Missy for her Children's Fairy Swap...we truly hope the precious children who receive these items will enjoy for seasons to come...our best to you!!


  1. aww... so, so sweet! my favorite thing is seeing your youngest angel holding her hands so perfectly with the little fairy pouch and looking over to see the exciting bag her big sister is holding. so precious!

  2. very exciting! i'm glad i joined the easter and spring nature table swaps. i haven't been in a bits of goodness swap since you joined us. looking forward to swapping goodies with you soon. ;) congrats on the blog. it is lovely. mine is fairly new, too. wish i had more time for it!

  3. Congratulations on your new blog! It's beautiful. I will start following it. I always love your swap items!! :)

  4. I love your sweet little play kitchen! What fun to see a family effort. I'm sure it will be treasured. All the swap goodies look so delightful! You are amazingly creative! And the picture of your sweet little pixies sitting in a circle, awwwww, just makes me want to hug them all! So precious!